The Apple That Radiates Beauty From Within

The Apple That Radiates Beauty From Within

“I’ve always been fascinated with the beauty of red fleshed apples.”
—Bill Howell, Original Breeder of Lucy™ Apples

This Is Where Our Story of the Lucy™ Family of Apple Begins

This Is Where Our Story of the Lucy™ Family of Apples Begins:

Bill Howell and the striking appearance of red fleshed apples that captivated him at first sight 25 years ago. There was just one small hangup: flavor. Seeing the potential, Bill set out to cultivate a beautiful red fleshed apple that was complemented with a delicious flavor profile.


It started with harvesting and planting seeds from a red fleshed apple in his Eastern Washington orchard where he was growing Honeycrisp apples. Mother Nature stepped in and the red fleshed apple trees were open air pollinated by neighboring Honeycrisp trees. Taking the best seeds of those trees, Bill planted the first generation of Lucy™ apples in 1996. Thirteen years later, Bill knew he had finally found the combination of flavor and color that would delight apple lovers everywhere.

It was then that the first two varieties of the Lucy brand apple family were born: Lucy™ Rose and Lucy™ Glo. In the years since, a small group of dedicated Washington State apple farmers have been growing Lucy™ trees to bring them to market.

Lucy™ orchard

Lucy™ Apples — Delicious. Unique. Beautiful Inside & Out!

Lucy Rose™ brings a hint of berry flavor that accentuates her natural beauty.

Grown with Care in Washington State

Lucy™ Apples are grown in North Central Washington where the climate is ideal for cultivating their unique colors and flavor. When in bloom, Lucy™ blossoms paint the orchards in a rich red, setting her apart yet again from other apples. Harvested in October, Lucy™ Apples are treasures waiting to be discovered by the fortunate foodies who find them. As more trees are planted, Lucy™ Apples will become more widely available, and new varieties will be introduced.

Lucy™ apples in full bloom transforms Washington State orchards

Striking Color & Flavor

Lucy™ Rose apple

Lucy™ Rose

Ravishing red skin outside, pinkish red on the inside and complemented by her flavorful, sweet berry notes.

Lucy-Glo apple

Lucy™ Glo

Gorgeous yellow exterior pinkish-red interior that glows from within. The flavor starts tangy and finishes with a hint of sweet.

Coming Soon!

Look for new additions to the Lucy™ family soon.

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